Smoking Gravity (a poem)

I had tried to quit

but found myself gaining weight….along with mass and density.

Sneaking down to the local Turkey Hill

and buying a pack of gravity

is not the easiest things to do.

Have you ever tried to get gravity into a plastic bag.

The clerk was no help at all either.

I once tried the gravity with menthol

but it burned in my lungs

like the light of 1000 suns.

Sitting in my kitchen at 3 a.m.,

I break the silence by tearing open a package

and reaching for the weakest force in the universe.

Time For Some Nursing Haikus

Time for nurse haikus
Hourly round, check your labs
clarify orders

With a CBI,
Running normal saline can
keep you so busy

Lumbar drains are weird
Taking some spinal fluid
Don’t forget the clips

Droplet precautions
Gown, gloves, and face shield protect
from nasty microbes

What’s your pain like?
Three out of ten? Let’s hold off
on the Dilaudid