Top 10 Signs Your A Bad Barista


10) Name tag either says Larry, Curly, Moe or Shemp

9) Barely made it through coffee clinical

8) Lungs still sore over break room ‘cinnamon challenge’

7) Unable to concentrate during training because of the large mole on trainer’s forehead.

6) Still kinda freaked out after bombing the “extra toppings” exam

5) Frustrated that a customer said I probably couldnt find my butt with two hands and a flashlight.

4) Became upset when wasn’t able to find my butt with two hands and a flashlight

3) Feeling horrible after starting the Dr. Oz “take all herbal supplements that begin with ‘G’ ” diet

2) Worried that the boss might find out about being a Waffle House double agent.

1) Haven’t quite overcome strange, irrational fear of “everything” bagels. (What EXACTLY do they put in those things!?)


Five Word Poetry Challenge: Bubble, Book, Random, Vivacious, Ransack

(Author note: A reader sent me five random words that I have to put together in one poem. The winner gives the next challenger their five words.)



My heart’s a bubble
Carried delicately on Emotional wind
Its contents, a book
Filled with verse, rhyme and statements
Would you care to look?
Random memories
Cascade before my mind’s eye Warm and bittersweet
Love, ripe off the vine
She’s buoyant and vivacious
I’m more than lucky
Sad moods can ransack
Let the dazzling light of faith Scatter the darkness.

Who will be my next challenger?


Attempting Poetry #1: The House At The End Of The Street


I walk to the house
at the end of the street
Dark muddy ruts weave a path
I follow them towards the door
The cold damp Winter air
carries acrid scent of decaying leaves
and burnt wood
into my lungs

Approaching the house
its windows frame of darkness
and Burst of wind masks
any possible sounds of life within

Stepping closer
the curtains dance
through windows without glass
then stop
as the breeze retreats back into the nearby woods

The house doesn’t seem as welcoming as before
and my walk less peaceful

Anti-vaccination argument is the new Intellectual Feudalism

Reading the comments on the anti-vaccination are eye-opening.  As in frightening enough to make one tachycardic…and diaphoretic. The thoughts are so backward; I am reminded of the Monty Python “I thought we were an autonomous collective” skit. Those against vaccinations remind me of the intellectual state held by the masses in the Middle Ages.

“There’s some lovely filth down here.”

Link #1: Facebook Anti-Vax Comments






5 Traits to Look For In A Manager


5) Great managers are advocates. They help you work towards improvement, as well as present you in the best light possible to higher management.

4) Great managers are accountable.  They hold themselves responsible, as well as their team members when things go wrong. They look for solutions, not somewhere to place blame. Problems are framed as opportunities to address issues, not baggage for employees to carry around.

3) Great managers are honest. They give credit where it’s due. They lead fairly, and apply rules and policies equally to each employee.

2) Great managers confront problems. They address small problems before they become bigger problems.

1) Great managers praise publicly, and correct behaviors privately. Unless a behavior is so egregious that it needs to publicly addressed, then the redirection should be to a private area to handle the issue privately.

This applies generically, not just to nurses. Having been in the workforce for several decades, I have seen and experienced these traits (as well as their opposites, unfortunately) in a diverse range of work environments.  If one does not experience this in their work place, the intensity of the problems will vary.  Also, the dynamics of the situations may or may not change – especially if the willingness to change only exists on your part as an employee.


Reverse New Years Resolutions

I never felt there was any point to coming up with New Years Resolutions for myself.  It’s not like I am completely resistant to improving myself. Change for me, however, does not seem to come naturally by announcing it publicly.  Rather than wait until the end of the year to make up tenuous personal and professional goals, I just work on improving myself during the year. I am already taking classes towards my RN-to-BSN on-line.  I suppose I can always write that best seller, with the subsequent screenplay for the next box office blockbuster. Aim high, right?

However, if one considers the futility of resolutions; it would make sense that wishing change upon others could be just as possible. So, I have decided to come up with a few of my own ‘reverse new years resolutions.’ Here they are, in no particular order:

1) I really hope that our government (State and Federal) gets their act together. Maybe putting more effort into listening to the citizenry they are supposed to represent. We do not need empty promises….or bickering….or gridlock.

2) There is a situation that some of my peers are experiencing personally that I really hope resolves itself quickly and painlessly as possible. Discretion prevents me from going into detail, but it the issue needs closure to allow healing to begin as soon as possible.

3) I would like our next president to be productive, unifying, and sane.  I would agree that the United States has lost some ground, but I like to think that there is still hope. We need a real leader.

4) For those who struggle to make ends meet, I wish them “enough.” Whether it’s food, shelter, clothing, school, training, health care, money, recreation, or whatever. I don’t think the economy has “bounced back” since it bottomed out in Fall 2008. Having been at the bottom, I know that trying to get resources – even if you are entitled to them – can be quite a battle.  Going back to school was my family’s ticket to a better life. I hope that others find their way out, too..whether it’s hard work, more school, good timing, or sheer dumb luck.


Wading Into The (Nursing) Thick Of Things….

I know I have posted quite a bit of creative (perhaps, even entertaining) fluff, but I am seriously thinking of opening up discussions about nursing issues.  Like staffing ratios and ‘Nurses eating their young,’ which unfortunately, has been far too visible in my career to this point. I have been inspired by blogs, such as Florence Is Dead . I encourage my visitors to stop by there, too.

There are also nursing topics that get kicked around that I might share some of my research on.  Occasionally, I learn some new tricks that might help newer nurses….although, I know that I am far from an expert. I wouldn’t pretend to be so pompous…..and I don’t plan on letting the amount of initials after my name change that. I have found that some, even outside of nursing, can start to believe they have acquired all knowledge. Learning is, and will always remain, a process….not a destination.  People who believe they know everything will eventually utter the phrase, ” Do you know who I am?”  Those people, I like to describe as “being high on their own fumes.”

Anyway, I think I may come up with more intellectually challenging posts. I can’t promise I can completely stifle the creative silliness, but give me a chance. Any questions/concerns/ideas for me? Shoot me an e-mail, and rock my tiny world.