17 Things About The Drewster

17)  My favorite movie is between Braveheart and Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (the Roald Dahl book is way better – and emotionally darker – than the movie.

16) I once owned a 1986 Chevy Caprice that I had named, Marybeth (after the most powerful witch in the Anne Rice – The Witching Hour series).

15) Pork rinds are the food of the gods. Yes, I know what it is. And yes, I know they are bad for me.

14)  I have completely rationalized spending the equivalent of over $14 a gallon for Dunkin Donuts coffee, each night I head to work as “supporting the local economy.”

13) I thoroughly enjoy The Blacklist. James Spader had always seemed annoying in his early acting days, such as his role in Pretty In Pink. He has seriously increased his bad-ass skills from high school bully to globally-present criminal menace.

12)  Even if I won the lottery, there is no way I’d completely stop working as a nurse. That’s because nursing serious rocks. Write that down.

11)  I believe that religion is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, some of its adherents make it seem ugly.

10) I hate vindictive people, hidden agendas, and raw cauliflower . And, at one time, I thought I liked clowns. I am currently rethinking that one.

9) I still get excited writing “RN” after my name…and I am going on 3 years with that.

8) I love being a husband, and a father. It rocks! (see: Nursing)

7) Chincoteague, VA is one of the nicest places to vacation.

6) Time travel should be made possible, if only to go back in time to find the people who invented ironing, as well as neckties – and beat them senseless.

5) Frostie Root Beer is a gift from the gods….well, those gods involved in root beer manufacturing.

4) Although it is very likely that I like, at least, one song from every music artist; the bulk of what I listen to is from between 1975 – 1988.

3)  Speaking of art, I never really got into impressionist paintings, until….discovering Konstantin Razumov.  Of course, it helps that the subject matter isn’t gardens or seascapes.

2) I do not get why voters are given the option for “straight ticketing” voting.  Who seriously agrees with ANY party on EVERY issue?!

1) I have never, ever felt the urge to keep up with a Kardasshian.


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