I Don’t Need To Respect Your Beliefs | Drifting Through My Open Mind


I Don’t Need To Respect Your Beliefs

All of this talk is treading on some sacred ground. Beliefs (especially the religious kind) are for most of us a taboo subject. We don’t discuss them, we don’t engage in debate about them. Just try to bring it up on FaceBook and watch the insults fly and the defriending begin. No, we prefer to leave others to their beliefs and quietly go about living our lives guided by our own.

Most of us, that is

I liked this article. It seems that the demand to “respect” beliefs of someone else is a euphemism for “convert.” There seems to be a large group of people who are tired of being “politically correct.” However, pointing out some harsh comments that someone makes – and suddenly – you are infringing upon their rights. Of course, the words they choose freely are frequently not ones that they’d use freely in the company of those they are belittling.

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