Holy S##t! Am I A Curmudgeon?!?


Looking over my last few posts makes me wonder if I am a curmudgeon. Am I that old guy who rants about “why can’t it be like the good old days?” Am I forcing other elevator patrons to see my old surgical scars?! No?!?   But he is ranting about health care, television commercials, the end of the world! Oh, don’t forget about the 1980s music references. No worries. I will back off for the serious stuff for a bit. Maybe throw in another Top 10 list, movie review (I love horror films), or I was thinking of possibly doing a writing prompt to dabble more in creative writing.

Oh, wait. I can’t be a curmudgeon. I don’t use park benches and my nose, ear, and eyebrow hair is still neatly trimmed. False alarm!  I will now return you to your regular blog programming.

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