Kanye West: The Human WTF?

Kanye West Drops New Album, Says He’s $53 Million In Debt

Kanye West Rants Against Taylor Swift, Brags He’s 50% More Influential Than (take your pick)

Another article about being 50% more influential than Stanley Kubrick, Pablo Picasso, Pablo Escobar, and Apostle Paul – in a backstage SNL rant. I’d like to see the research data and draw my own conclusion, please.

Becomes An Internet Meme Because Of His Knack Of Interrupting People To Insult Them

Kanye Asks Mark Zuckerberg For $1 Billion Dollars To Fund His “Ideas”

It’s remarkable that so much ego can be squeezed into one person. Kanye, fiction is a genre of books; not a lifestyle. Please stop. Please.

Author note: the omission of a graphic for this post is purely intentional.

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