The Media Figures (pun intended) Out Women Can Have Curves…..Almost


Author Note: This is an academic discussion about womens’ issues.  Yes, I am male. Yes, I appreciate women. But I am a husband, and most importantly, father…including a pre-teen daughter.  There continues to be a major disconnect between societal norms between what the media presents us and the reality we experience in our lives.  This issue is more that just a talking point. The attempt to keep up with the unrealistic and arbitrary societal expectation generates incredible amounts of emotional damage. I am speaking up.

I have been on the planet for quite some time. I have been aware of the female form for several decades. Apparently, so have scientists, evolutionary theorists, and Playboy Magazine editors. I also know that models used to advertise consumer goods do not share the concept of the “ideal hip-to-waist ratio” and- by comparison – are anorexic. The malnourished supermodel standard war continues, but a recent battle victory has occurred.  Sports Illustrated Magazine has selected three models for their 2016 swimsuit issue, which includes Ashley Graham.  The significance being Ashley has one of the nation’s most common, yet unrecognized resources: curves. This isn’t necessarily a pivotal moment in the history, but a step towards normalizing normality.

Google on your own to see how the “ideal female figure” has changed, even by decade. Note: the 1960s and 1980s appreciated curves, but the 1970s (See: the model named ‘Twiggy’) were much like the “heroin chic ” phase that occurred in the 1990s.


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