Exploring The Apocalypse: Transportation


Getting around will be infinitely more difficult without an infrastructure, of course. We could potentially be left to rely on non-mechanical means to get around.  For those of us who hold down jobs that involve travel or long commutes will be staying local. Working for a living may become simply trying to survive. That still seems to be a large price to pay to not have to go to work, though.

We may still have the highway and road system, but cars could become obsolete rather quickly. Horses will not be available, and non-mechanical options will take time to make it to the public usage. As traditional funding and workers will not be available, it will likely become a piecemeal of whatever resources are available for a particular area. Lack of a power grid will complicate this issue even more.

Travel will be drastically limited. Family and friends that live far away will no longer be as accessible, either by travel or even communication (again, if the power grid were to go down). I can’t imagine the emotional impact of that issue, alone. While I do not have extensive proof, the end times are gonna suck.


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