5 Traits to Look For In A Manager


5) Great managers are advocates. They help you work towards improvement, as well as present you in the best light possible to higher management.

4) Great managers are accountable.  They hold themselves responsible, as well as their team members when things go wrong. They look for solutions, not somewhere to place blame. Problems are framed as opportunities to address issues, not baggage for employees to carry around.

3) Great managers are honest. They give credit where it’s due. They lead fairly, and apply rules and policies equally to each employee.

2) Great managers confront problems. They address small problems before they become bigger problems.

1) Great managers praise publicly, and correct behaviors privately. Unless a behavior is so egregious that it needs to publicly addressed, then the redirection should be to a private area to handle the issue privately.

This applies generically, not just to nurses. Having been in the workforce for several decades, I have seen and experienced these traits (as well as their opposites, unfortunately) in a diverse range of work environments.  If one does not experience this in their work place, the intensity of the problems will vary.  Also, the dynamics of the situations may or may not change – especially if the willingness to change only exists on your part as an employee.


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