Wading Into The (Nursing) Thick Of Things….

I know I have posted quite a bit of creative (perhaps, even entertaining) fluff, but I am seriously thinking of opening up discussions about nursing issues.  Like staffing ratios and ‘Nurses eating their young,’ which unfortunately, has been far too visible in my career to this point. I have been inspired by blogs, such as Florence Is Dead . I encourage my visitors to stop by there, too.

There are also nursing topics that get kicked around that I might share some of my research on.  Occasionally, I learn some new tricks that might help newer nurses….although, I know that I am far from an expert. I wouldn’t pretend to be so pompous…..and I don’t plan on letting the amount of initials after my name change that. I have found that some, even outside of nursing, can start to believe they have acquired all knowledge. Learning is, and will always remain, a process….not a destination.  People who believe they know everything will eventually utter the phrase, ” Do you know who I am?”  Those people, I like to describe as “being high on their own fumes.”

Anyway, I think I may come up with more intellectually challenging posts. I can’t promise I can completely stifle the creative silliness, but give me a chance. Any questions/concerns/ideas for me? Shoot me an e-mail, and rock my tiny world.


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