…and so it begins.

I have decided to blog again. It’s been years, but I feel the urge to share stray thoughts.  Far from being profound, I just want the creative outlet.  I have retired from Facebook, but still poke around on Pinterest.  I keep telling myself that I will write a best-selling novel, but perhaps this is a baby step towards that goal.

I am not sure of the content yet.  While I am a night shift nurse, I have no plans to discuss specifics with past or present workplaces and patients.  For the record, I am not offering to diagnose, assess, recommend treatment or even comment on the health care ills of those who choose to read my blog.  Please consult your Primary Care Physician, Doctor, Physician, Shaman, or any other healer for your specific health care needs.  Medical topics may appear as scholarly articles and some commentary.  I am sure that family issues, music from the 1980s, food, coffee, and other such topics may be kicked around.  Please feel free to roam the blog premises.  Comments are welcome, but those who are rude, nasty, cruel, or otherwise troublemaking – will be electronically escorted from the premises and blocked.


The Drewster